Traveling Across Canada via Train

If you want to travel across Canada, trains are by far the most scenic and exciting ways to do it. Sure, you can take a plane and arrive there a bit faster. The problem with this is you will not see a single thing across the breadth of the country. Canada is largely undeveloped, so you have the chance to see incredible scenes of nature, wildlife and natural developments. Why in the world would you want to fly over and miss all of that? What makes it even better is that trains cover the largest majority of the country. Canada is well covered by VIA Rail. They are a government operated company that provides train travel over the largest part of Canada. There are other smaller rails that also wind into and between VIA Rail that gives you even more options if you choose to use them. The bottom line is, you can get there by train and get there in style in Canada.

Does VIA Rail go there though?
There is a pretty good chance that they do if it is in Canada. They stop at every major Canadian city and there are also nearly 500 other destinations along the way. Every one of them means that you have to get another pass and reservation so you best know where you want to go before boarding.

Look closely at the schedules
Of the nineteen routes that VIA Rail runs, each of them require a bit of time to complete. For this reason, you will need to know these schedules to plan when and where you will board and so on. The schedules are easy to read, but you need to ask questions before you board if you are uncertain. The friendly staff help you out when you need it, but plan ahead.

What about cheaper options?
If you are traveling in Canada a great deal or plan to, then look at getting a Canrail System. This is a pass that gets you seven one way trips anywhere during a twenty one day period of time. These are wonderful if you are trying to save money because the fares are discounted a great deal.

Are there nicer upgrades as well?
Yes you can go “first class” if you so choose. You can also travel VIA Rail by economy class and be quite comfortable. Not many people complain about the travel comfort with trains unless they are expecting the Mariott. The travel is very comfortable and fun for most people.

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Like with any trip you will want to arrange for stopovers. These can be quite uncomfortable if you are alone. Stopovers are sometimes in lonely stations in the middle of nowhere, so having a partner along for the ride is always a good idea. These can be managed also by planning when and where you wish to stopover and what you will do.

This is far from the only considerations, but it is a basic guide on how to plan a VIA Rail trip over Canada. There is no doubt that traveling by this method is a great deal more fun and exciting than simply flying. Give it a shot one time you will quickly see what I mean.